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About Us

Red Forest was founded in 2010 as a professional manufacturer of wood plastic composite materials. Wood plastic composites are hybrid materials made from wood or bamboo fibers mixed with thermoplastic fibers such as recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and other additives. These materials are mixed together and extruded through our production machinery, creating unique finished products that are extremely durable and built to survive the elements.

Finished wood plastic composite products possess both the advantages of wood and plastics. They are extremely corrosion resistant yet feel similarly to wood, making them popular for use as landscaping timber, outdoor flooring, fencing, railings, park benches, cladding and siding, etc.

Our plastic wood composites all meet ISO9001, ISO14001 international standards, and have been approved though Intertek, SGS, and ASTM inspection. Additionally, we have also been granted certification from the FSC (Forest management certification), and have received the CE mark. We have exported our WPCs to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Australia and many other countries and regions around the world.