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WPC Inspection Equipment

Comprehensive strength for plastic wood composite board is undergoing testing. (The board is on the bottom right corner of the picture)
The UV accelerated weathering tester is designed to test the properties of WPC boards when exposed to diverse climatic conditions.

Air driving oven

The melt flow indexer (MFI) is mainly used to measure the ease of flow of the melt of recycled plastics.
These three machines are featured in the following picture.
Measurement for the ease of flow of melted raw polyethylene
Raw materials and the samples for each order will be kept to guarantee that all our products possess uniform color that is the same as our samples.
The UV accelerated weathering tester is designed to test the composite boards' properties and color fastness when exposed to a wide range of light and weather conditions.

Quality control

Both the raw material and the finished wood plastic composite board will undergo a series of testing.
Our inspection equipment includes a universal testing machine (testing towards tensile strength and comprehensive strength of materials), melt flow indexer (MFI) (testing the ease of flow of the melt of recycled plastics), a UV accelerated weathering tester (testing the composites' properties when exposed to diverse climatic conditions), air driving oven, analytical balance (precise measurement-its accuracy is within 0.1 milligram.)

  • Raw material testing: Testing towards the proportion of water, the melt flow index, ash content and other properties will be carried out before production.
  • Finished product testing: Red Forest will deliver diverse testing for different-constitution composites. Then we will choose the most suitable to ensure good mechanical properties and high strength of our composite boards. Besides that, the mechanical strength and weathering resistance will also be tested.