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WPC Production Equipment
  • Red Forest production facilities are outfitted with a twin-screw pelletizing line, twin-screw extrusion line, sanding machine, wood embossing machine, dicing saw, and an engraving machine. All of which work together to support a yearly production output of 15,000T.
  • The twin-screw pelletizing line is designed for mixed pelletizing, creating a uniform mix of wood and plastic particles. Twin-screw extrusion line: The molding process begins right after the pellets have been plasticized under high temperature and high pressure. Through molding process, pellets will begin to take the desired shape. During the process, there is barely any dust or pollution generated.
  • The double-side sanding machine is used to smooth both sides of the building materials simultaneously, resulting in high working efficiency.
  • The engraving machine is automatic equipment used for composite slotting and hole punching. It features high processing accuracy and smooth corner processing without sacrificing the overall strength and working performance.
  • Warehouse: The warehouse covers an area of 5,000 square meters, and all composite boards are classified and stored separately with clear labels.